The packages, entirely hand bottled and handmade one by one, are presented in an elegant fine wrapping with warm gold logo print. Both are sealed with Tuscan red wax and provided with an internal analysis certificate showing the exact level of acidity, the value of peroxides and the spectrophotometric examination that certifies the genuineness and freshness of the product.

The annual production does not exceed 20,000 units all made in strict compliance with all HACCP hygiene standards.
It is advisable to avoid completely discarding the packaging during its use and not to expose it to light or heat sources without its wrapping in order to avoid altering its extraordinary properties.

"All quality work must be priced in proportion to the skill, time, cost and risk involved in its preparation. Quality is not achieved through compromise or alteration and cannot be produced at a small cost, no matter what process is used to manufacture it. They benefit the maker much less than the so-called "cheap" ones.