Why should you choose Olio Colle?

Extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet, synonymous of health, beauty and quality: in one word, Wellness

In fact, since UNESCO included the Mediterranean Diet in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it has become a true life model to which everyone wants to refer.

Extra virgin olive oil is considered a "pharmaceutical-food" , as the fatty acids it contains lower bad LDL cholesterol and improve cardiovascular circulation.

EVO oil can therefore perform various essential functions for the body, combining nutritional components with curative properties of natural active ingredients of proven and recognized effectiveness.

Fortunately, more and more consumers prefer to spend a bit more every day for a top quality EVO oil!

Small tips to recognize a quality extra virgin olive oil:

  1. European legislation (Regulation (EEC) No 2568/91 and subsequent updates) has set the minimum quality standards that olive oil must meet in order to be marketed under the term "Extra Virgin Olive Oil": it must be obtained by extraction using mechanical methods only.
  2. The level of acidity of an extra virgin oil must never exceed 0.8% and the peroxides cannot exceed 18 meq O2/kg (milliequivalents of active oxygen per kg of oil). The acidity, i.e. the concentration of free fatty acids together with the peroxides, are the two fundamental parameters to assess the quality of the oil.